Baden 12 Inch Whiffle Softballs 3 Dozen to a case

Baden 12 Inch Whiffle Softballs 3 Dozen to a case is proud to offer the Best 12 Inch Softball Wiffle balls on the market... Baden big leaguer wiffle balls. Sold in 3 dozen lots.

These are the best wiffle balls that we have every used. We have not broke one in 3 years.

These are brand new in their original packaging.

Baden's Whiffle ball; the BL12 Big Leaguer® is the best whiffle ball made. The red seams allow batter to see or pick up the spin on the ball. Not only does it move just like a regular softball , but the material it is made out of is extremely hard to crack. The special plastic allows a ball that is dented on a hard hit to recover it shape on its own. Sold in 3 dozen per case. Shipping is 15 per case. Free shipping on orders ordering more than 12 cases.


Yellow and Red Seamed 12 Inch Official Size

Simulates the pitch of a real softball

Embossed seam protects the color from wearing off

Red Seams allow batter to see ball rotation

Patent pending

Special memory plastic keeps shape and prevents cracking.

Best Whiffle ball made. period!
Market price: $85.00
Our price: $65.00

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