Ultimate Pitching Machine Maintenance and Annual Tune Up Guide



UPM 45 Maintenance and Tune Up Guide

1. Check the rubber runners. They should not be loose.

2. There should be no lateral movement on the throwing arm. If there is lateral movement; there are two 11 millimeter nuts that will need to be tightened. Place throwing arm centered in the release block. Then tighten the nuts about 1 to 2 turns each. Do not over tighten as this may break the plastic throwing arm bracket.

3. If there is still lateral movement then you need to turn the large nut on the rocker arm about 1/8 of a turn. As it says on the machine... do not over tighten. Arm should be free moving.

4. make sure all the base bolts are firmly tightened.

5. There should be no side ways movement of the release handle. If there is sideways movement tighten the bolt and nut just a bit. The release handle needs to be able to move front and back smoothly.

6. Replace spring and connecting bolts about once a year. Pitches will slow down over time as the spring gets used. If you want all the pitching machines to be throwing the same same speed on the same settings, replace springs on all the machines at the same time.

That is about all that can go wrong with these very durable pitching machines.

Tim Kafer